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Whether it’s open data, open content, free licenses, open source or anything else open, I’ll help you.

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Image: SteenJepsen [CC 0 1.0], via Pixabay

How do you open up?

Would you like help to become more open? You are in the right place.

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Image: Arild Vågen [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons


Do you want to reuse open material? Would you like others to reuse yours properly? We can help through coaching and optimization.


Would you like to publish material openly and wonder how to go about it? I can help you.


Do you want training in how you can do it? Introduction and inspiration or a deep dive? Regardless, it can be arranged.

Standard compliance

Do you want your solution to comply with common standards like Standard for Public Code, Digital Public Goods, publiccode.yml or similar? I can help you get ready for certification.


Does your open project need better governance? I can lead you through your process and play the Governance game to give you clarity.


Specifically for open projects or events I offer podcast recording. I can help with everything from the recording to publishing.

Open By Default is a company helping others to become more open. Be it open data, free licences on media or text, open source, or how you can reuse such material. The company is run by as a sole proprietorship.
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