Inspired by the pledge from Erin McKiernan about openness, Open by default also makes a pledge. This is it:

  • We do not accept gigs that produce closed solutions.
  • We will blog and share work in progress material, when possible.
  • We always publish own works under a free license.
  • We do not participate in collaborations where partners refuse to be open.
  • We will share our code, when possible.
  • We will share raw and processed data, when possible.
  • We try to get more people to be open.
  • We speak out about our choices.

Webbplatsen av Open By Default är licensierad under en Creative Commons Erkännande-DelaLika 4.0 Internationell licens om inte annat anges.

Use the contact form or call +46 76 – 21 22 776.